Azerbaijan National Hero Albert Agarunov's memory was honored

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Azerbaijan National Hero Albert Agarunov's memory was honored
According to the instruction of the Minister of Defense, servicemen visited the grave of the National Hero of Azerbaijan Albert Agarunov who was buried in the Alley of Martyrs.
Then, a monument to the National Hero erected in the Narimanov district of Baku was visited and flowers were laid to it.
After honoring the memory of the heroic sons of the Motherland, who sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity and defense of the country, the speakers once again recalled to the glorious life of A.Agarunov and his involvement in the battles. It was stressed that, as representatives of other peoples living in our country, this hero, who was of Jewish origin, always considered Azerbaijan as his homeland, and he sacrificed his life for its independence and sovereignty.
It should be pointed out that when the fighting erupted in Nagorno-Karabakh A. Agarunov, who voluntarily left for the front, heroically died in the battles for the defense of Shusha in May 8, 1992.

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