Payments for the Karabakh Revival Fund are in the "ASAN payment"

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Payments for the Karabakh Revival Fund are in the "ASAN payment"
Payments for the Karabakh Revival Fund have been integrated into the "ASAN payment" system managed by the E-GOV Development Center of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Citizens wishing to contribute to the fund must go to the official website of the "ASAN payment" system - or the mobile application and select the sections "Response Foundation" and "Karabakh Revival Fund" in the appropriate order. Two identification opportunities have been created for citizens who want to help the Foundation through the "ASAN payment" system: PIN (Personal identification number of the ID card) and serial number of the ID card or TIN (taxpayer identification number). After making the appropriate selection and entering the payment information, the citizen can help the Karabakh Revival Fund.
It should be noted that in total, about 310 organizations are integrated into the "ASAN payment" system including central and local executive powers, courts, public legal entities, legal entities, universities and payment service providers. These organizations provide more than 678 services to citizens in the "ASAN payment" system, including administrative fines, duties, taxes and customs fees, utility payments, communication fees, justice and court fees, credit and leasing payments, insurance payments, tuition fees, aid payments, internet and cable payments, as well as, other services. Please, note that it is possible to make payments without registering in the system.
The “ASAN payment” system currently serves citizens through more than 10,000 terminals, the website, as well as the “ASAN payment” mobile application, which can be downloaded from iOS and Android operating systems.

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