Caspian Energy Club members to visit Latvia, Estonia and Finland

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Caspian Energy Club members to visit Latvia, Estonia and Finland
Within the framework of the LEF Network Azerbaijan project, the delegation of Caspian Energy Club International will be on a business visit to Latvia, Estonia and Finland between May 26 and June 2. This was said by Managing Director of Caspian Energy Club International, Gunel Guliyeva.
Over 20 Azerbaijani companies are expected to engage in the visit. The purpose of the visit is to develop economic-trade ties between Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Azerbaijan, enhance business partnership and promote bilateral relations. It is noteworthy that B2B meetings and a Demo Day will be arranged in the course of the visit between Azerbaijan’s private sector representatives and business of Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Memoranda and cooperation agreements between companies representing Azerbaijan and Central Baltic States are planned to be signed at the Forum.
Gunel Guliyeva noted that a number of business tours and B2B meetings were organized for Latvian, Estonian and Finnish businessmen who visited Azerbaijan on March 10-14. Caspian Energy Club arranged a visit to Baku Water Week for companies operating in the field of green technologies. Education companies were taken to the European Azerbaijan School and the delegation of the University of Latvia were the guests of ADA University.
“A number of B2B meetings and business tours are expected in the framework of the visit scheduled for the period between May 26 and June 2. We are confident that all entrepreneurs planning to engage in meetings will take advantage of the LEF Network Azerbaijan project and manage to develop active cooperation”, Gunel Guliyeva said.
“The interest of LEF Network Azerbaijan project partners toward Azerbaijan’s economy is big. During meetings held in the framework of the previous visit, our foreign partners have closely familiarized with the business environment of Azerbaijan, highly evaluated reforms ongoing in the country, and conditions created for the private sector, and stated that those reforms would make a large contribution to the bilateral cooperation. In the course of business tours organized to industrial enterprises and free economic zones, businessmen of Latvia, Estonia and Finland witnessed trade-economic potential, favorable business environment and sustainable economic development of our country.   
It is noteworthy that Caspian Energy Club International has been chosen as an official partner of the LEF Network Azerbaijan project launched by the European Union Central Baltic program. A three year LEF Network Azerbaijan project aims at developing economic cooperation between Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The project launched last year will support green technology, IT and education companies for three years. Agreements concerning ICT, green technology and education are planned to be signed in the framework of this project between Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Azerbaijan companies within 36 months.
Established in June 2002, Caspian Energy Club brings together over 5,000 companies and organizations across 50 countries. As an active participant of the business-to-government dialogue, the major objective of Caspian Energy Club is to improve investment and business climate in Azerbaijan and in other countries where the Club operates, as well as to encourage and actively engage in B2G, B2B and B2C dialogues. 
Headquartered in Baku, Caspian Energy Club is an international business networking platform regularly conducting different events. Caspian Energy Club has representative offices operating in Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Poland, Türkiye, UAE, Uzbekistan as well as authorized representatives around the globe.
Caspian Energy Club International was established in 2023 with the aim to manage international projects of Caspian Energy Club. Within 5 years Caspian Energy Club International plans to open offices in 100 countries across the world. One of the major functions of Caspian Energy Club International is to manage the Club’s activity in countries where no representatives are present, and work out a general strategy for all foreign offices.

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