Bakcell announces Rebranding

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Bakcell announces Rebranding
Bakcell, the country's largest private telecoms company has announced a new brand identity. Bakcell CEO  Klaus Mueller shared the news with journalists at the press conference held at the Baku Convention Center on April 25, 2024.
"The new Bakcell is all about bringing innovative services to the good people of Azerbaijan. Our new brand identity reflects bold changes in appearance, content, and positioning. It is about repurposing our work inside Bakcell. We are going to use innovations as our single focus. Bringing innovations that matter and that are going to matter in Azerbaijan will guide our journey like a north star from now onwards", Klaus Mueller underlined.
Thus, the company's new visual solution reveals a logo in which 5 dynamic tiles together span and open-up a star-shaped gateway into the future. And the star, Bakcell’s North Star, is connecting the tiles, or in other words, connecting what matters, sometimes people, sometimes places, and many times precious moments. This innovative design represents Bakcell's rapid transition into the digital future.
Bakcell, which presented a humanoid robot supported by artificial intelligence at the press conference, confirmed that it is using AI concepts in its new innovative brand identity, for interacting with Bakcell’s customers and for internal capability building of their workforce.  Through an upcoming series of innovations, Bakcell aims to enhance their value proposition, all of it on the basis of providing the fastest mobile network throughout the territory of Azerbaijan, especially in Karabakh which is full of moments that matter for Azerbaijan.
Last year, Bakcell entrusted the new brand identity conceptualization to Saffron, a global consulting company from Spain, that has worked with internationally renowned brands like Meta and Youtube. Bakcell has aligned the revolutionary new innovation approach all the way through the value chain. Bakcell hence cooperates with their key supplier Azerconnect, and both of them together work with top international vendors and partners like Cisco, Huawei, Nokia and others. This also includes Bakcell's sister company Vodafone Ukraine inside the Neqsol family, and hence Vodafone global as well.
A series of innovations has begun. Our upcoming AI enabled conversational assistant will be available to customers as ChatBot and VoiceBot  (Apple’s Siri-like product) powered by latest advancements in the field of deep learning such as LLM and GPT. 
Bakcell is starting to sell phones, very good deals of service and devices bundled together, bundles that only a telco like Bakcell can offer. And soon Bakcell is going to provide home internet services that are innovative and much faster than anything currently available in Azerbaijan.
Bakcell, which is always with the people of Azerbaijan, is starting to celebrate its newly announced brand identity throughout the country, with its customers and subscribers. So, the first rebranding presentation event will take place tonight, April 25, on Baku Boulevard. Information about the details of the event was shared on Bakcell's social media channels. More events will continue in the regions.
About the company: Bakcell provides more than 3 million subscribers with the fastest mobile network in the country. Recently, Bakcell started to offer fixed services to enterprise customers. The company is part of NEQSOL Holding, an international group of companies.

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