Birbank Business: making your business life comfortable and swift

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Birbank Business: making your business life comfortable and swift
Birbank Business offers online and fast services to create comfortable opportunities for businessmen. One of these opportunities is related to bank guarantees. Clients can now acquire a letter of guarantee for “Fast Tender” entirely online through Birbank Biznes, making the process more convenient and accessible for businesses.
The key benefit of this digital service is that there’s no need to spend time visiting a branch or getting in touch with a supervisor or bank staff. Entrepreneurs can apply for a guarantee through Birbank Biznes online. The system automatically generates the application form, which the client confirms with an ASAN signature. Following this, the client receives a letter online, streamlining the entire process.
Birbank Biznes’s “Quick Tender” product offers several advantages: the contract is made just once, and subsequent letters of guarantee are issued based on the application. The limit is provided without any commission, and there are no annual interest rates or commissions on the limit. A one-time fee is charged only upon receiving a letter of guarantee.
Birbank Biznes brings together many banking products that entrepreneurs use every day:
- Guarantees: tender, performance, advance, quality, payment, customs, etc.
- Tender limit
- Cash secured guarantee
- Business overdraft
- Trade finance: factoring, sales financing, pre-shipment finance
- Customs loan
- Business mortgage
- Financial leasing
- Traditional loan/credit line
For more information about Birbank Biznes go to the website or call the 896 information center. 

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