Birbank Business Presents a New "Cash-secured guarantee" Product

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Birbank Business Presents a New "Cash-secured guarantee" Product
Continuing to broaden its array of online business services, Birbank Business is introducing its latest product, the "Cash-secured guarantee." This product is tailored for all business sectors and entrepreneurs in need of guarantee coverage. 
"Cash-secured guarantee" is fully online through the Birbank Business app. To initiate the process, entrepreneurs can apply for "Covered guarantee" via the mobile app. After reviewing the submitted application, in just one working day, the guarantee is issued. The product offers a distinctive advantage to business owners: the option to use the product without the need to visit the bank.
To submit an application online:
 We would like to point out that there are a range of services in Birbank Business that are regularly used by business owners.
-    Opening business bank accounts
-    Urgent transfers and transfers in national and foreign currencies
-    Cashless payments
-    Order, delivery and replenishment of salary and business cards
-    Application for the installation of a POS terminal, online tracking of POS transactions and receipt of statements
-    Cash withdrawal by QR code from settlement and card accounts
-    Document flow and mass signing of documents
-    Business loans and bank guarantees
-    Mobile POS, Click to Pay and e-commerce services
-    Open banking
-    Special tariff packages and more.
Birbank Biznes brings together many banking products that entrepreneurs use every day:
For more information about Birbank Biznes go to the website or call the 896 information center.

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