Elections was scheduled to the Public Council

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Elections was scheduled to the Public Council
The registration period of candidates for the Public Council to be established in order to ensure the participation of citizens and civil society institutions in the adoption of legal acts on the activity directions of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, organization of public control over the activities of the Ministry has ended and the elections was scheduled. Elections to the Public Council was held as a joint meeting at the meeting hall of the Ministry on 31 October 2023 at 11:00 (Address: U.Hajibeyli Street 84, Government House).
Civil society institutions wishing to vote in elections are asked to submit necessary information about their representatives (only 1 Person) - Name, Surname, patronymic, birth date, place of residence and means of contact, as well as copy of ID card and membership card, to the Election Commission by sending it to the e-mail address [email protected]. Members of the Public Council will be elected by secret ballot from among the nominated candidates. Persons who have collected more than half of the votes of the voting participants are considered to be elected to the Public Council.
It should be noted that 8 candidates for membership of the Public Council under the Ministry of Energy were registered. The Election Commission set the limit of the number of members of the Public Council by 7 people.
Information on holding elections to the Public Council under the Ministry of Energy and selected civil society institutions will be placed on the official website of the ministry (www.minenergy.gov.az).

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