Turkey Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Business Forum was held in Istanbul

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Turkey Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Business Forum was held in Istanbul
The meeting was chaired by the President of the Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Association and the Head of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women Entrepreneurs Committee Sakina Babayeva and the Turkish side deputy head of the delegation Ayla Harp. Aysun Baykarabulut, Malkara Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly President Nurdan Altay Güngör, members of the Turkish TSO Women's Committee and women entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan and Istanbul attended.
In her speech emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity, Sakine Babayeva invited Turkish women entrepreneurs to cooperate with Azerbaijani women entrepreneurs and develop trade. 
Deputy Chairman of the Delegation Ayla Harp, in her speech, said that Azerbaijan is our second state, we are one nation, two states. It is very important that we stick together in these difficult times. It was a very timely meeting. He said it is very important for us to give a message of unity and solidarity to the whole world.
In her speech, Ayla Harp said, “As members of the TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board, which was established under the leadership of our Union President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, who love their country, produce projects and try to contribute to economic and social development, we work to make women's entrepreneurship visible in our country. We need to develop and maintain permanent collaborations between us and this forum," he said. 
After the presentations introducing the TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board and the Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Association, the meeting participants gave detailed information about themselves and their fields of activity.
Turkey-Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Business Forum ended with bilateral cooperation meetings between Azerbaijan and Turkey women entrepreneurs on a sectoral basis. 

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