The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme embarks on new streams

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The Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme embarks on new streams
This week the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme (ASEP) supported by bp and its co-venturers is starting two new streams at ADA University. This follows the successful completion of the first two streams in May 2020 with 44 graduates in total.
A total of 39 new participants have joined the new streams for the trainings which will last till the end of this year. Upon the completion of the programme, the participants will receive the certificates from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, US.
This internationally-recognized programme is the first in the country to help organizations ensure that they have the capacity to adapt quickly in times of uncertainty and change to continue to focus on their vision and strategic goals and to remain competitive and successful.
ASEP is bp and its co-venturers’ social investment project in support of transfer of international business education expertise to Azerbaijan. It is designed to help meet the current market demand in executive education and challenges faced by local organizations in this area. The project is implemented by Korn Ferry (formerly TwentyEighty Strategy Execution) – an international education provider based in the US, in partnership with ADA University.

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