Nar supports ADA University students excelled in IT

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Nar supports ADA University students excelled in IT
Attaching special importance to the development of skilled workforce in information technologies in the country, Nar continues to support the youth studying in this field. In frames of the cooperation with ADA University, the mobile operator contributed to the Scholarship Fund of the University designed to support the students of the School of IT and Engineering.    
The winners of “LotfiZadeh Scholarship” were named at the “Academic Excellence Day” event held on February 21 at ADA University. The scholarship grants 100% tuition waiver for the duration of the semester.
It is worth noting that cooperation with ADA Innovation Center to support start-up projects, employment and internship opportunities for university students and graduates, participation of Nar employees at executive education programs are among the projects carried out under the long-term cooperation between Nar and ADA University.
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