Training Seminar on Development of Renewable Energy Sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan was held

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Training Seminar on Development of Renewable Energy Sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan was held
Training Seminar on Development of Renewable Energy Sources in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was organized by Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, was held at ADA University with the participation of “ACWA Power” of Saudi Arabia, “Masdar” of United Arab Emirates, a number of government agencies and international organizations. Speaking about targets of Azerbaijan on renewable energy Deputy Minister of Energy Elnur Soltanov said that diversification of electricity production through renewable energy sources and development of this sector with the attraction of the private investment is one of the main objectives of the energy sector reform course of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan: “By 2030, the share of renewable energy sources in the total electricity generation capacity of the country, including large hydroelectric power stations is expected to increase from the current 17% to 30%. The first successful step in this direction is implementation of 440 MW wind and solar projects with “ACWA Power” and “Masdar”. These projects reflect the existing tariffs in the country and do not envisage any government subsidies.”
Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Novruz Guliyev said that energy demand in the world is a priority today and the ministry supports efforts to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere: “Today, electricity generation in Azerbaijan is slightly more than 8% due to renewable energy sources. We can further increase these indicators and contribute to environmental and energy security. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources supports to expand the use of renewable energy sources. Most importantly, alternative energy sources have no negative impact on the environment.”
Then the Ministry of Energy made the presentation on the strategy of renewable energy sector development in Azerbaijan. Representative of the Ministry of Energy Jahid Mikayiloglu gave detailed information on renewable energy potential, institutional environment, support mechanisms, auctions process and development of implementation contracts. It was noted that the potential of economically and technically feasible renewable energy sources in our country is 26,940 MW, including 3,000 MW of wind energy, 23,040 MW of solar energy, 380 MW of bionergy, 520 MW of mountain rivers. After 440 MW pilot projects it is planned to conduct auctions. Activities on measuring the potential of renewable energy sources in selected areas, identifying and adapting lands for auction, conducting preliminary environmental, social assessments and geological surveys, evaluation of power infrastructure, procurement of electricity, development of accession agreements are being implemented to conduct auctions on renewable energy zones.   
Director of the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Umayra Tagiyeva spoke about the impacts of climate change on renewable energy: “The aim of assessing the impact of modern climate change in Azerbaijan over the last 30 years on various climate indices was recommended by the World Meteorological Organization. While previous studies have focused more on the average monthly and yearly indicators, the “ClimPact” model has made it possible to conduct more accurate studies on 40 climatic indices using daily meteorological indicators. This will also play an important role in assessing the potential impacts of climate change on various sectors, including alternative energy, and at the same time, in giving a more realistic estimate of the trend for the coming decades by taking into account the climate inertness.”
The representative of “ACWA Power” Ashish Rajan  spoke about worldwide trends in the usage of wind energy, wind energy facilities and their working principles, environmental aspects of the usage of wind energy. The representative of “Masdar” Arsun Rajagopal gave information about global trends and prospects for solar energy technologies, technical aspects of solar energy facilities, the impact of the usage of solar energy on the environment.
Presentations of “ACWA Power” and “Masdar” were also made at the event. The questions of audience were answered.

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