WB: Smart Village program to affect growth of well-being in Azerbaijan

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WB: Smart Village program to affect growth of well-being in Azerbaijan
The Smart Village program, first of all, will serve to achieve comprehensive development in the territory of Azerbaijan, reads the World Bank’s Framework for Analysis and Roadmap of the creation of smart villages in the country, Report informs.
The development of the economy through the introduction of investments, advanced and innovative technologies in rural areas, especially in the non-oil sector and non-agricultural sectors, will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, strengthening the financial sustainability of small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of tourism in rural areas, increasing agricultural productivity, encouraging farmer cooperatives and partnerships in agriculture, increasing market competitiveness, improving access to financial resources for farmers and entrepreneurs, strengthening domestic and export market ties, the document says.
The document noted that other main goals of the implementation of the smart village program include increasing social welfare and organizing the efficient use of natural resources:
The second goal of the program is to improve social welfare. It provides for improving the infrastructure and quality of services, expanding the range of social services, improving the availability of services for vulnerable groups of the population, implementing capacity building initiatives for civil servants and officials, introducing an insurance system, expanding the coverage of high-speed fiber optical broadband internet and modern communication services.
On the other hand, the smart village program will promote the efficient use of natural resources. This will ultimately lead to increased use of renewable energy sources, increased manufacture of environmentally friendly products, and increased sustainability of natural resources.

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